Friday, October 24, 2014

greenhouse (stucco removal---north wall)

today staal and i worked on getting the stucco off the north wall of the greenhouse.
before we did anything staal hosed down the interior of the walls to get rid of the leftover drywall dust and insulation phumph.

staal did some figuring on where he was going to make the cut in the stucco and i unscrewed the cat run from the house so we could get it out of the way. 

much noise and dust then ensued...

staal gave the stucco a few whacks with the sledge to break it loose from the framing and then i hammered and cut it into manageable pieces.  the trick is to beat a path free of stucco so that the wire is clear and can then be cut into sections with a pair of snips.

i stacked the sections out of the way---the foreman approved my work.

after i got the stucco cut up and moved i cleaned the leftover nails and wire off the framing.  staal cut some studs free so he could move them around and start getting the spacing right for when we put up the glass.

he also took out every other ceiling joist to open things up a bit, removed the window, and put in the blocking that will seal between the rafters and the new roof.

while he was doing that i loaded the last of the drywall onto the truck (the ceiling drywall went to the dump with the shingles but being uncertain how the truck would handle the load we decided not to take the wall drywall in the same trip).

we got quite a bit done today.  here's how we left things...

relaxing after a hard day---sipping a pilsner urquell and reading a review of a new translation of boccaccio's decameron in the new yorker.

you deserve a good rest, love