Saturday, October 25, 2014

greenhouse (stucco removal---east wall)

sunny and clear when i went out this morning but the forecast said there was a 70% chance of rain for the afternoon---so before doing anything else i harvested as many dried bean pods as i could find and cut the last of the kabochas and seedstock summer squash from the vines and got them inside where they'd stay clean and dry.

saw 3 or 4 praying mantis egg casings while i was picking bean pods---a happy sight

several varieties of dried bean pods from the kitchen garden

kabochas, a tromboncino, and some seedstock summer squashes

while i was out working in the gardens staal was busy loosening the stucco from the east wall of the greenhouse.  i got finished with my gardening just in time to catch the action.

after getting things cleaned up a bit the wind started to pick up and we could see clouds on the horizon.  the stack of insulation that came out of the walls started to migrate so we got it into trash bags and then started gathering tools and getting ready for rain.

after we got things put away or covered or moved i could feel my belly rumbling and i started thinking about all those squashes.  i decided to try one of the kabochas that's been curing since the first harvest.  it turned out to be quite tasty.

it started raining while i was cooking.

hopefully we won't have too much water sneak under the door and into the house tonight.