Thursday, October 16, 2014

greenhouse (roof tear-off)

we've been planning on turning the "master bedroom" into a greenhouse for a long time---best use for it in my opinion since it borders the north side of the kitchen garden and has a rather large tree root lifting the concrete slab into a little berm which runs through the center of the room.  it's a big job and wasn't one we wanted to start in the heat of the summer but with the weather cooling now it seemed like a good time to get started.
on tuesday, staal and i went to merced and picked up some clear corrugated polycarbonate panels for the new roof.  yesterday we started tearing off the existing roof---asphalt shingles and plywood decking.  we got all the shingles off and about half of the plywood. 

before we quit last night we experimented a little with how we were going to get the insulation out.  the attic was pretty well insulated---fiberglass batts with several inches of blown-in insulation on top of that. 

here's how we left things last night...

this morning staal cut a clean edge along the west end and then we pulled off the remaining plywood.

then we got serious about removing insulation.

tomorrow we start dropping the ceiling drywall.