Tuesday, October 21, 2014

greenhouse (drywall removal)

we've spent the last few days resting (kind of).  i had a lot of things to catch up on in the gardens. staal did some work trimming and cleaning up the overhang on the north side of the greenhouse and has been working on the '34---making sure it's road-worthy for a trip to the dump to get rid of the roof debris, and the lumber yard so we can get the rest of the materials we need for getting the poly panels up.

i got the chicken tractor cleaned out and fresh straw put in for the winter, started some seeds (jack helped) so we'll have a steady supply of greens through the winter, did some weeding and some planting, harvested the last of the tepary bean pods and got the beds cleaned up for their next crop (greens or lettuce), and cleaned up my potting bench area along the south side of the greenhouse so it will be ready for staal to trim back the overhang before we start putting the poly panels on the roof.

cat tracks through seed flat---i left for 20 seconds to get my water bottle

perennial greens---kosmic kale and tree collards

tepary bean  beds

did some actual resting out on the tire swing.

today we pulled the drywall off the walls in the greenhouse.  it was a bit dusty and some of it was a little stubborn but it mostly came off without much trouble.  

found some pretty hideous wallpaper under the hideous paint

the walls are insulated with fiberglass batts---they're short sections held in with staples and won't be any trouble to remove. 

tomorrow i think i'll try and get the drywall fragments (ceiling and walls) onto the truck and work on getting the insulation removed.