Wednesday, October 22, 2014

greenhouse (eaves trimming and wall insulation removal)

after a nice breakfast at the sugar pine and a few errands in mariposa we got to work on the greenhouse.  staal was mostly hanging out on the roof again today.  he trimmed back the overhang on the south side and removed a couple of the ceiling joists to see if they can be reused as fascia board.

long awaited biscuit

offerings to dog

i pulled staples and removed the wall insulation. 

i don't know why it makes me think of some kind of foil-wrapped pastry---i definitely wouldn't want to eat it.

i worked my way around taking out the insulation but couldn't get to the northeast corner because we still had the drywall from the walls piled there---and i couldn't move it until i loaded the pile of ceiling drywall onto the truck.  so i took a break from insulation removal and started heaving pieces of drywall.

staal helped me get the insulation out of the way.

we hadn't quite finished getting the drywall down around the windows so staal cut a nice clean break with the sawzall and i finished tearing down the drywall and got the last of the insulation out.

here's how we left things today...

looking northeast

looking southeast

tomorrow morning we're taking a field trip to the dump.